Monday, March 15, 2010

Why not an ice hockey game?

We received this nice email from B........ R............ Montreal, Canada

Just saw on your website (via Youtube) and your game is very realistic and looks like pretty cool to play. Just wondering if you havd think about making a ice hockey game with all the rules applied for a real hockey game. And also, did you ever think about making a larger Soccer (or Football or Calcio) with 11 vs 11 players on the field. Looks like this game can be very feasable. Ans also those game can be played one on one or vene in solitaire, creating teams of the Italian League or international teams (for the world cup) and on ice hoceky creating teams for the National Hockey League or major teams in Europe.


  1. Yes, a hockey version would be awesome.

  2. I would like to sell these in the USA.
    How do I start?